Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Istikana App featured in Chrome Web Store

We just wanted to drop everyone a quick note to say that the Istikana Google Chrome app has been featured in the web store! Thanks Google!!

Install it in Google Chrome for a great viewing experience :)

English Webstore feature

Arabic Webstore feature

The Istikana Team

Monday, August 8, 2011

 !مليون زائر خلال 135 يوماً

يسرّنا إعلامكم أنّ عدد زوار موقع إستكانة الإلكتروني منذ إطلاقة على قناة ( عرب نت ) في 22 مارس 2011 قد بلغ الـ 1000000 (المليون ) زائر . 

إنه ليشرّفنا هذا الإنجاز المتواضع و إنّه لمن دواعي سرورنا أن نحظى بتقدير مشاهدينا الكرام لما نقدّمه لهم من برامج . 

منذ إنطلاق موقع إستكانة الإلكتروني ، كان هدفنا ببساطة هو مساعدة المشاهدين  على إيجاد أكثر البرامج العربيّة الكلاسيكيّة المرغوبة ، و الإستمتاع بها ، من خلال تقديم خدمات ترضي كلاً من المشاهدين و أصحاب البرامج و أصحاب الإعلانات و قد كانت لدينا قناعة بأنّه إذا ما توفَرت المادّة المناسبة في المنبر المناسب ، فسيكون بمقدورنا طرح رؤية متميّزة . 

و منذ ان وضعنا هذا الهدف نصب أعيننا ، فقد نجحنا بإنشاء قاعدة إعلامية راسخة حقّقت مايلي: 

* منح المشاهدين متعة المشاهدة بتقنية عالية من خلال إستخدام الأجهزة المختلفة . 

* إعطاء أصحاب البرامج الفرصة لنشر برامجهم الرائعة بشكل قانوني على الإنترت. 

* تزويد أصحاب الإعلانات بمنبر إعلانيّ مُبتكر للتّواصل المباشر مع المشاهدين . 

هذا الإنجاز يشجَعنا على المضي قدماً نحو تحقيق المزيد من التّقدّم و النّجاح ، و هو ماتثبته الزّيادة المستمرّة لعدد المشاهدين ، و إننا نعد مشاهدينا بأن يكون إرضاؤهم هو غايتنا ، و سنبلغ قصارى جهدنا من أجل تزويد مشاهدينا بأفضل مشاهدة على الإطلاق . 

إنّ هذا النّجاح أثلج صدورنا ، و نودَّ أن نشكر كل من ساهم في تحقيق هذا الإنجاز الرّائع ، لا سيّما مشاهدينا الكرام الذين لولا متابعتهم المستمرة لما كان هذا النّجاح مُمكناَ . 

مع تحيات فريق إستكانة

1 Million visits to Istikana in 135 days

We are very pleased to announce that last week, Istikana achieved 1,000,000 visits since its launch at ArabNet 2011 (22nd March 2011).

We are honoured and humbled by this achievement, and are comforted by the fact that our viewers appreciate what we are doing. 

We started Istikana with a simple mission: To help people find and enjoy on-demand premium classic Arabic TV content through a service that users, content owners and advertisers love. We believed that if we could get the right content on the right platform, then we could really build something special. 

Since that objective was set we have achieved in building a strong multi-device platform that 

  • Gives our viewers a seamless, high quality viewing experience across all common devices
  • Gives content owners an exciting opportunity to monetize their incredible content online
  • Gives advertisers an innovative advertising platform to actively engage with viewers

This achievement greatly encourages us that we are on to a winning formula. We will always keep our viewers front and centre and will continue to try our utmost to give our viewers the best viewing experience possible. 

We are delighted with this achievement and want to thank everyone involved in making this achievement happen, but most of all, we thank our viewers – without them, none of this would be possible. 

The Istikana Team

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting ready to launch!

Its been a while since our last blog and we do have lots to report! Briefly, today we’ll talk about our official launch at the ArabNet conference 2011 in Beirut, our continually increasing content offering and developments to our webpage

From Alpha to Beta - We are officially launching at ArabNet 2011!!

We are working hard to prepare for our launch at this year’s ArabNet conference ( We are super excited as this is the one of the foremost technology start-up conferences around. We are really looking forward to getting engrossed in the exciting and energetic Middle East entrepreneurial scene.

If you are going to be there, let us know, we’d love to meet you! You can send us an email (, or message us via Facebook and Twitter.

We will soon be able to release our pipeline – a new show every week!

On the content front, we’re very excited. We have a stellar pipeline of premium classic TV shows waiting to go online.  Starting soon we will add at least a premium classic show a week for the foreseeable future.  Please keep following us on Facebook, Twitter and on this blog for continuous updates!!

Our latest content edition and our first theatre show on Istikana is Ahlan Nabil and Hisham – a fantastic and hilarious series of political satire and social commentary on the Arab world – featuring some recent “historic” figures.  

It amazing how relevant to today’s events and thoughts Nabil and Hisham’s plays (first performed in the 90’s) are today. Watch Ahlan Nabil and Hisham.

We have made several webpage improvements 

You will have noticed some changes on the site over the past couple of weeks. We have improved the home page by making navigation to our different channels easier; we have made our links to social networking clearer, and have added some more information on how we can be accessed on different devices.

We continually try and improve our site – so if you have any suggestions, please email us at

Samer Abdin (

Monday, January 17, 2011

Istikana’s Public Beta now begins

Today we are excited with the launch of the first public beta of Istikana.

We’ve been working hard building the best Premium Arabic Video Service. Our content is free, legal and on-demand. We have posted our initial batch of classic shows. You can watch high quality, full length episodes of Bab El-Hara 1, Grendizer, Abtal Al-Mala3ib, Ayam Shamiyeh and more. We have many more titles in our pipeline and will be posting them when they are ready.

Istikana has been not only been optimized for the web, but you can enjoy watching your favorite shows on the iPad and iPhone.

In this round, the team is looking for feedback because we are committed to providing the best possible service ever! You can send your feedback to We will be reading every piece of feedback very carefully and will use it to improve the service. You should expect to see more content and more functionality throughout the beta period and beyond.

On behalf of the team, we want to say THANK YOU for your support and look forward to your comments.

Tareq Abu-Lughod (

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello from Istikana

We are getting close to showing off what we have been working on for some time.

First, our name is IstikanaIstikana is where the best Arabic video content lives online! It is where you watch your favorite shows, any time, any where and for free. We believe the best Arabic content should not be collecting dust in archives and controlled by a schedule. It should be available on your time. We focus on high-quality content and delivery that is both legal and free. So sit down, grab an istikana of tea and watch the many timeless pieces we have to offer.

In order to make sure we deliver the best experience possible we are going to be launching a private beta soon. This will allow us to tune the service and react to any feedback you have. We will start small and grow as we get more confident that we are providing the best possible experience.

Please remember to sign up for our private beta and we look forward to your comments.

Tareq Abu-Lughod (